Auditions for those Starting A New Upper Level

This year, the UCBDC will be holding auditions for all those who desire to take Social levels 2,3,4, International Gold or Country 2  for the first time. You will NOT need to audition for a level that you were registered in for 2016-17. Those who are long-time members of the club may remember that auditions used to be an annual event in September.

The auditions will be held prior to start of the term at Varsity Community Centre. Only those auditioning (as well as Administrative staff and some TAs) will be allowed into the audition space, so you need not feel awkward or nervous about others watching you dance.

Those who apply to register in the same class as the one they registered for in 2016-2017, need not attend the auditions. So a person who attended Social 2 last year and wishes to attend Social 2 again need not audition. However, if that person wishes to attend Social 3, then they will need to audition. Someone who attended Social 1 last year and wants to attend Social 2 for the first time will need to audition, as will someone wanting to attend Social 3, Silver International, Gold International, or Country 2 for the first time.

All students applying to attend Social 4 must audition as this is a new level. The same is applicable to Argentine Tango 2.

Please Read the Appropriate Skills Policy (link) for the complete details, including skills and patterns that will need to be demonstrated in order to pass the audition

Event: Auditions for Upper Level Classes

Where: Varsity Community Centre, 4303 Varsity Dr NW

When: 7:00 pm to 9:30 pm Wednesday 6 September 2017.

Please arrive at 7 pm to fill forms and be scheduled for an audition time. We cannot at this point set a specific time for auditioning of each level within the 2 hour period, as it depends on number of applicants. We will attempt, as much as is possible, to audition for levels 2 (Social and Country) first followed by levels 3 and 4 and then Gold and Silver. We will audition members for Argentine Tango 2 between 9 and 9:30.

So if you are auditioning for Level 2 (Social and Country) please arrive at or before 7 pm. If you are auditioning for Levels 3 or 4 then please arrive by 7:30 at latest. If you are auditioning for Silver or Gold then please arrive by 8 pm at latest. Please arrive by 8:30 if you want to audition for Argentine Tango 2.

Auditions will be carried out as soon as we have an appropriate number of students auditioning for a given level. Students who need a partner will have a TA assigned as partner.

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