Spring Workshops

Ladies and Gentlemen
The Spring Workshops are not that far away
3 weeks 18 April to 4 May

The Spring Workshop Registration form has been made available  for you to download, print and bring to class.  Alternatively you can now register on line, from here.

For online registation go to this page


Tuesday April 18, 25, May 2 At Grace Presbyterian Church
American Viennese Waltz  By Alexandra McPherson
Intermediate at 6:30-8:00 pm
Beginner at 8:00 pm to 9:30 pm
Please note that Intermediate assumes that you know and can execute the following well:  Progressive changes.  Reverse turn.  Cross body lead.  Closed twinkle.  5th position breaks with with and without underarm turn.  Some experience with right turning boxes
Wednesday April, 19, 26, May 3  At Varsity Community Centre
Country Waltz  6:30-8:00 pm by Gayle Macfadyen
Country Two Step 8:00-9:30 pm by Gayle Macfadyen


Thursday April, 20, 27, May 4  At Varsity Community Centre
Tango Valse  6:30-8:00 pm by Paul Varro
Bachata  8:00-9:30 pm by Buon Tea
We hope to see you there …
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