Sock Hop Dance – 12 May 2018

The “Sock Hop” Dance will feature a lesson 7pm to 8pm, attendees will be learning or refreshing the steps and technique of the East Coast Swing, a fun energetic dance.

Dance tickets for the June dance will be available at the door of this (the May) dance for the price of $10.

Date: Saturday 12 May 2018 7:00pm-12:00 am
Place: Marlborough Park Community Centre
(6021 Madigan Drive N.E.)
Lesson: 7:00-8:00 pm East Coast Swing
8:00 pm to Midnight: General Dancing, Light Snack, Door
Prizes, Mixer Dances, group dances, line dances…..
something for everyone.
Cost: $15 at the door
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