New Level 1 Class with New Format

There seems to be a sizeable portion of the club membership who would prefer to have the single-dance format for Social level 1.  Other members prefer to learn specific dances and they would use the drop-in method to attend only those dances.  In response to these comments, the club will start ONE social 1 class that will employ the single dance per 90 minutes.  This is an experiment that is afforded us by the open spot on VCC.
Starting Wednesday 18 January 2017, the new Social 1A class will be offered at 6:30 pm Wednesday at Varsity Community centre employing the single dance format.
1)  Class curriculum will be Cha Cha for the next three weeks followed by 5 weeks of East Coast Swing.
2)  Members who are already registered in any social 1 class will have the option of staying there or transferring to the new class at no cost.
3)  Drop-in for any class remains at $15 per class
4)  New registration in Social 1A will be at $80 till end of winter term.  The fee will not be reduced for registration in future weeks.
5)  Membership fee of $10 per year is required for all non members (drop-in or full registration)
6)  The class will be taught by Tibor Kaldor.
The club hopes that our offerings will satisfy the needs of our existing members, as well as members who may have preferred the single dance format.
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