2017-18 Class Registrations (online)

For 5 week registration the cost is $50 or $60, and if you are not already a member for the 2017-18 year, you must purchase that also.  Online registration can be found by following this link .

You can download the registration form from here,

Class Locations

Please see Our Venues for a list of venues we teach out of.

5-Week Session Cost

A five (5) week class for the 2017-18 year costs $50 or $60 depending on the class in Calgary. That is only $10 per night, for an hour class. This is probably the best deal in town!

You can also purchase drop-in tickets good for any class for $15.

3-Week Workshops Cost

Each 90 minute 3-week Workshop costs $40 for all 3 weeks (registered) or drop-in to any single workshop class for $15 (at the door). Membership in the club is NOT required for these workshops. For the Winter Workshops the registration form and Paypal and details can be found on the announcement.

Class Imbalances

Our classes are open to couples and to singles.  We are not able to control the number of men and women in each class, therefore our Instructors frequently rotate partners, so that everyone gets a chance to dance.  We also encourage our Teaching Assistants to attend as volunteers to help balance class numbers if needed (only TAs).

If you register with a partner you don’t have to switch, but it is strongly encouraged as learning to lead and follow (which greatly improves your dancing) is much faster when dancing with different partners.  It also helps create community and socialize with other class members.

Make-up Classes

If you miss a class you can attend a different class by purchasing a drop-in pass for that class, or attend the Sunday morning practices.  We also suggest you go early to your next regular class and ask a Teaching Assistant to show you the moves you have missed.


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