Annual Club Executive Elections (Updated)

Voting in the Week of 27th Feb – 2nd March 2017
The following names have been received for nominations before the deadline:
  • Sandra Hosler for Vice-President
  • Eleanor Chow for Treasurer
  • Paul Varro for Promotional Director
There being no other candidates for those positions, those nominees are voted by acclamation.  Their terms run until 30 April 2019.

Consider Volunteering
The UCBDC is a volunteer-run Club that has been promoting dance to the public for over 41 years. The volunteer corps consists of Teaching Assistants, Club Instructors, and Executive Board members.
The Executive Board is the governing body of the Club and its members fully contribute to the general daily operation of the Club.
There are specific pre-requisites before a member can occupy a position on the UCBDC Executive Board.  Nominees MUST be members in good standing of the Club.
The election is run by the UCBDC’s Election Committee for the following open positions and term:
Annual Election – Term to 30 April 2019
Vice President
Promotions Director
Director-at-Large (Two Positions)
Nominations will be accepted from 6 Feb to 9:30pm on 12 Feb 2017.
Campaigning will be from 13 Feb to 26 Feb 2017.
Voting will be held the week of 27 Feb to 2 March 2017 during the regularly scheduled classes at regularly scheduled classes.
The following information will be posted on the website and available at the duty desk at lesson sites:
  1. Duties and responsibilities of the various positions
  2. Nomination forms, including eligibility requirements (including conflict disclosure)
  3. Bylaws
  4. Election Policy
Completed nomination forms are to be given to the Class Instructor who will deliver them to an Election Committee member.  The Election Committee is headed by Returning Officer Dan Wulff.
The Returning Officer will contact nominees to declare the final list of accepted nominees (per the Bylaws) and will post a list of all those nominated on the website..
Note that nominations must be declared valid by the Returning Officer before the nominees are permitted to stand for election.
Following the close of nominations, the Returning Officer will instruct the candidates regarding acceptable methods of campaigning.  Campaigning will be allowed to begin at that point.  All candidates will be provided the opportunity to make presentations to the membership.  Campaigning shall be monitored to comply with the Club Bylaws.
Thank you for your continued support of our Club.
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