From the President

As we enter into our fifth decade of service to the community in Calgary, The University of Calgary Ballroom Dance Club has had remarkable influence on the dance community. Many of our former students are teaching classes at various venues, some have become professional dance instructors. Doug Davidson started as a student with our club and returns as the professional teaching Country 3 this year. There is not a venue in town that does not have our current or past members participating as students, assistants or instructors.

We hope to continue to develop and nurture talent in the dance community. We have made some changes to improve our performance towards that goal. Some of these are:

  1. The club will be teaching two dances per class to allow members to have more fun, improve focus, and allow members to learn more dances in shorter time period.
  2. There is a Level 1 Social on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday to allow new and existing members ample opportunity to join us in Level 1.
  3. The club will offer Social 1 and Country 1 at the Jewish Cultural Centre in PalliserĀ for those members who live in the south side of Calgary.
  4. Changes to the syllabus have been implemented to help members focus on the basics of each dance so that they are more comfortable and are better prepared to learn more complex patterns on their dancing journey
  5. Pre-Bronze and Bronze international is separated from Silver to allow members in both classes to receive the appropriate training without impacting either negatively.
  6. West Coast and Argentine Tango will be presented in dedicated classes and locations (Mount royal in SW Calgary)
  7. The club will help members chose the level that is appropriate to their skills. Better learning is facilitated, frustration is avoided, and a sense of community develops when all class members are at similar levels.
  8. As always we have the best professionals in Alexandra McPherson, Doug Davidson and Kim Donaghy. We will be bringing others when possible to teach workshops at the end of the fall and spring terms.

We have thrived in the past because we offer a more inclusive and more attentive dancing environment through our team of teaching assistants. We continue to select and train our teaching assistants to the best of their abilities.

Since I became president in May 2016, I have seen the amount of work needed to allow the club to function smoothly. The level of dedication and hard work by the executive is unparalleled. Our Professionals are always ready to help and along with our instructors and teaching assistants, we are extremely grateful for all the hard work.

One thing we cannot control, and we need YOUR help. Come to the classes and bring your friends. We will all be better off when the party is bigger.

Should you have any concerns, please feel free to contact me through the Club email address.

TJ Al-Himyary
UCBDC President

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