The Executive is a dedicated team, committed to serving the greater good of the Club members.  These people are responsible for ensuring that the Club operates in a professional manner, and they do this through planning, at regular meetings, their attendance at all Club functions, and their administrative door duties at our classes.

Executive Positions

President: The president is responsible for calling and chairing meetings, calling elections and by-elections, maintaining volunteer statistics, protecting Club assets, and is the principal contact between the Club and the dance professionals.

Vice President: The vice president is responsible for arranging for facilities for all events, acting as president when required, securing Club assets, organizing registrations, handling all matters related to the teaching assistants, and assisting with the Club database.

Treasurer: The treasurer is responsible for compiling financial statements and ensuring that financial liabilities are met, receiving and depositing funds, maintaining adequate accounting records, and preparing operating budgets.

Secretary: The secretary is responsible for recording the minutes of meetings, managing all written and electronic correspondence, telephone queries, maintaining Club policies, schedules, and manuals, and preparing mail outs and newsletters.

Promotional Director: The promotional director is responsible for promoting the club through advertising, organizing promotional dance teams and group or solo performances, communicating with the general public, running the the merchant discount program, and facilitating the annual survey.

Social Director: The social director is responsible for arranging and co-ordinating Club dances, arranging and co-ordinating volunteer functions, and co-ordinating TA practises and workshops.

Directors at Large: The four directors at large are responsible for assisting with music and equipment for events and demos, and for co-ordinating practise and workshop sessions and the supplies needed, as well as performing other duties as needed.

The Current Executive

TJ Al-Himyary – President

TJ Al-HimyaryTJ is an engineer with a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Calgary. He joined the UCBDC in 1992, and became a TA in 1993. He has been a TA every year since 1993 except for 2005-2006 when he was posted in Europe. TJ has worked as a TA in all the classes offered by the club from level 1 to the level 3 or Advanced class. During that time, TJ worked with various professionals: Jojo Belmonte, Kim Donaghy, Michele Guimond, and Bryan Senn.

Passionate about dancing and about the teaching of ballroom dance to students, TJ decided to run for a position on the executive to help in the running of the club. The many years of experience and knowledge of the club and its workings is a huge asset as the club negotiates the changing economy and attitudes in the community. TJ is open to feedback and encourages all members to come and chat with him about any of the matters related to the club.

TJ wants to make the club the envy of all others in town. TJ believes that this would be achieved through improving the skills of the teaching assistants who will help the members more effectively in a friendly, respectful and fun environment.

Marinko Pavic – Past President

Marinko PavicMarinko was a Director-at-Large for 2 years (2011-2013), and served as President until May 2016. He has been with the Club since 2001 and has been a Teaching Assistant/Substitute-Instructor for 5 years. Marinko is dedicated to the Club and active in promoting around the Calgary area, updating dance information, member announcements, and the website. Find him for a dance, especially Hustle, Cha Cha, Rumba, or WCS!

Sandra Hosler – Vice President

Sandra HoslerSandra was first elected in March 2008 and was just re-elected as Vice President, holding her position until May 2017. She has been with the Club since 2003. Sandra has been instrumental in the success of the Club, overseeing the TA core, and has contributed excess time by assuming duties of President, Social Director, and even baking for our dances. Sandra has 20 years experience serving on the Board for The Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services. Country is her favorite!


Eleanor Chow – Treasurer

Eleanor first joined the University of Calgary Ballroom Dance Club in 2010 as a keen student in International Standard and Latin dances and recently completed full bronze level examinations in both styles. She has demonstrated her enthusiasm for dancing by participating in Pro/Am dance competitions in 2015 – 2016. Eleanor possesses over 30 years of professional experience in accounting and financial reporting. As a passionate member of the Club, Eleanor is excited to bring her wealth of knowledge to the Club’s executive team as Treasurer. She continues to learn more about dancing, and encourages everyone to join in on all the fun that the UCBDC has to offer!

Pat Culham – Secretary

Pat has been a student with the University of Calgary Ballroom Dance Club since January 2014, taking Social 1, Country 1 and Latin 1. She volunteered for Desk Duty in September 2015 and enjoys the experience of meeting new and returning students. She was nominated as Secretary and acclaimed for the 2016-2018 term. Pat is an enthusiastic beginner herself and looks forward to giving as much effort as a volunteer and Executive Member within the club as she does to her lessons.

Paul Varro – Promotional Director

Paul VarroPaul was first elected as a Director at Large in April 2011, re-elected in 2013, and in 2015 has been elected as the club’s Promotional Director, bringing his business skills, social media and web savvy, and dance skills to help promote the growth of our club and dancing in Calgary. He has been with the Club since 2005 and has been a Teaching Assistant for three years. Paul’s business acumen and entrepreneurial spirit has been instrumental in updating our registration information system, including our new method of producing class and membership cards. He’s also an active member in the Argentine Tango dance community, including hosting dancers from Buenos Aires!

Camellia Hune – Social Director

camellia hune2Cam was elected in 2014, and will serve in this position until May 2016.  She is an active volunteer and will help the club organize our monthly dances, annual dinner-dances, and meetings, by assisting with decorations, prizes, food and drink preparation, and more.  She always ensures our events have a great visual flair and makes sure everyone is well fed.  She and her husband love Country dancing with the UCBDC and have recently tried their hand at Latin!

Pamela Mann- Director at Large

Pamela MannPam has served as a Director at Large since October 2010 and will hold this position until May 2016. She has been a member of the Club since 1997 and a TA for more than 10 years. Pam is keen to promote the Club and she tries to make dancing a pleasant and joyful experience for all. Her teaching experience and skills assist in accomplishing the many tasks she willingly undertakes. She loves the International program but also has years of social dance experience!

Katrina MacInnes – Director at Large

Katrina is newly elected from our November 2014 by-election and is also a new Teaching Assistant with the club coming from the Toronto dance scene. She’s assisting with various club tasks, and loves Ballroom dance and wants to promote it to Calgary universities and corporations, where dancing is a great way to socialize and get mentally/physically fit for the new year.

Felipe Silva – Director at Large

Felipe began dancing in International Ballroom and Latin in Bristol England ( 1965 ).   He joined UCBDC in January 1989 and in September ‘89, he became a TA for the Club, He continued his training, completing levels 1, 2, 3, and 4 in American Standard and Bronze/Silver levels in International Dance.  Administratively, he assumed a club executive position in the early 1990’s.  Club accomplishments include, but are not limited to, creating an enviable dance and music experience, while successfully upgrading TA skills during his 2-year term.

His fluency in many languages, along with successful management in both business and non-profit organizations, places him in a good position to execute his current Board position with UCBDC.

Vacant – Director at Large

Vacant – Director at Large


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